See how LONGRANGE® (eprinomectin) is able to deliver
in a single dose.11 - Dependent upon parasite species, as referenced in FOI summary and LONGRANGE product label.

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Dale Bowman
Winston, OR

Williams Dairy Testimonial
Madison, GA

Joe Schluter and Dale Risius, DVM
Rock Island, IL

Clint Gardner, DVM and producer
Pryor, Oklahoma

Dave Dal Porto
Oakley, California

Gene Stokes
Crockett, Texas

Jamie Horton, producer – Marion Junction, Alabama —

“I used LONGRANGE on 200 head of cattle and honestly believe I can see a difference in the way my cattle look compared to other dewormers I used in the past. The product has done a great job cleaning them up. My cattle look as good three months later as they did the day after treatment.”

Rick Bridges, DVM, DACT – Director at Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health – Tuskegee, Alabama —

“LONGRANGE is a great solution for parasite control. We have always been confident in Merial products, and LONGRANGE is no exception. We are recommending it to our clients as we have been very pleased with its performance.”

Don Goodman, DVM and cattle producer – Navasota, Texas —

“When I first heard about the product, I wanted to use it on my personal calves. It has been 110 days post treatment and after doing fecal egg counts, I have not found any worm eggs and clinically they look great. For 34 years, I have been practicing veterinary medicine and raising cattle and I can see the return in my investment before my eyes with my cattle. It is my opinion that LONGRANGE is a profitable anthelmintic for my clients as well.”

Luke Smelley, producer – Greensboro, Alabama —

“I used LONGRANGE on my yearlings in the spring and was very pleased with the results. My veterinarian recommended the product to me as he knew I was open to trying a different dewormer. LONGRANGE really gave my cattle the jump-start they needed to perform well the rest of the grazing season. I was extremely impressed with how slick they looked. I am confident that this product will help increase my profitability, and I definitely plan on making it my go-to for parasite control.”

Scott Weeks, producer – Greensboro, Alabama —

“It is hard to keep worms out of stocker cattle and after three months, the fecal samples I pulled are as clean as the day after I used the product. I’m really impressed with LONGRANGE. My cattle are shiny and less stressed from not having to be retreated. By far, LONGRANGE is my product of choice for deworming.”

Doug Cannon, producer – Notasula, Alabama —

“Parasite control is extremely important when it comes to herd management. I needed to try something different, as my current dewormer wasn’t giving me the results I needed. Back in April, I bought two bottles of LONGRANGE and used it on my cows. I was so pleased with its performance that I bought four more bottles to use on the rest of my herd. I have been bragging about my cattle ever since.”

Wes Carlton, producer – Okeechobee, Florida —

“I used LONGRANGE on my first-calf heifers and pulled fecal samples after 40 and 70 days and saw very low egg counts. I also like the fact that I don’t have to bring the cattle back up to retreat. I have had other producers visit my operation and they, too, were quite impressed with how slick my heifers and their calves were looking. This product is here to stay.”

Chris Petty, producer – Leon, Iowa —

“When my cattle have worms, their hair coat is dingy and dark brown. After using LONGRANGE, their coats have really cleaned up. It is a lot easier to sell my replacement heifers when their coat is slick and shiny. Also, the fact that you don’t have to rehandle them is great. It’s better for the cattle and the producer.”

Todd Gordon, DVM and cattle producer – Brookfield, Missouri —

“On my personal stocker operation, we proudly use ZACTRAN on arrival for bovine respiratory disease control and LONGRANGE for parasite control. We have been very pleased with the results, especially since our cattle are coming from many different sources and prevention is key.”

Clint Gardner, DVM and producer – Pryor, Oklahoma —

“Parasites are a huge problem with my producers, and they can be an economic train wreck from the standpoint of decreasing immunity and decreased weight gains. So, we were real excited when we found out about LONGRANGE. Back in the day, there was a product called the SR Bolus that gave an extended duration of action, and LONGRANGE is the first product in a long time that has had any comparable level of duration. It is one of those products that’s making things easier for my clients and putting more money in their pockets because of the increased weight gains.”

Doug and Marcia Rueber, ADD Angus Farm – Arlington, Iowa —

“It is pretty easy to pick out our heifer calves that were treated with LONGRANGE by just looking for the shiny hides. This year’s set of heifers was also the heaviest we have weaned and had the narrowest weight spread compared to our bulls over the last five years.”

Ron Anderson, Cow/calf stocker operator – Eagle Point, Oregon —

“We used LONGRANGE on our steers and heifers. The steers treated with LONGRANGE did exceptionally well, averaging 2.65 pounds per day, which was almost a half-pound more than in the past. Our heifers treated with LONGRANGE had an average daily gain of 2.41 pounds per day. We were extremely impressed with the results and will be using it as our deworming protocol in the future.”

Todd Kunkel, Cattle producer – Blue Jacket, Oklahoma —

“The cows look better than they have ever looked, and they rebred really well. We also had some cattle weigh 83 pounds more than they did last year, and we believe LONGRANGE had a lot to do with that. The cows were in tremendous shape all summer. For me, using this product is a no-brainer given the results we’ve seen. I just think it is an awesome dewormer for producers.”

Louie Self, Cattle producer – Claremore, Oklahoma —

“I had heard from a friend that LONGRANGE would give me an economic advantage and bigger calves so I decided to try it and wormed all my mother cows in the spring. From an esthetic standpoint, the cows have a lot of bloom to them with very slick and shiny hair coats that lasted all the way into the fall. My operation has five years of weaning weight data, and this year because of parasite control with LONGRANGE, the weaning weights were 40 pounds heavier than the five-year average. With these kinds of results, it’s hard to not use it in the future. I would recommend it to all my neighbors as it has really helped my bottom line.”

John Holmbeck, Cattle producer – Princeton, Illinois —

“LONGRANGE did a great job deworming our cows, and we definitely like the fact that we can also deworm our calves on grass. In the past, it has been impossible to do unless you can get them all in, but LONGRANGE has made our lives easier. We seriously think it was money well-spent for our operation. The product lived up to everything we had been hearing. We’re definitely going to use it next year.”

Daren Matthes, Cattle producer – Viola, Wisconsin —

“In the spring, we treated half our herd with LONGRANGE. After 90 days, the LONGRANGE-treated cattle saw on the average a 21 to 23 pound weight gain over the other cattle. As a producer, the thing I was most impressed with about LONGRANGE was the increase in weight gain of the cattle, which will mean more profitability for me as a producer. I highly recommend LONGRANGE to all producers and will continue to use it in the future.”

Jon Allen, Cattle producer – Pasco, Washington —

“When you look at all the options and the labor it would take to get these cattle in and rework them, LONGRANGE is really an incredible product because we don’t have to do that. Deworming a second time in this part of the country is nearly impossible, so we can rely on this product to last throughout the season for us.”

Hunt Tainter, DVM, Franklin County Animal Medical Clinic – Washington, Missouri —

“We gave LONGRANGE to cows and age-eligible calves, and 114 days later when we weaned, we reweighed them and saw we had an increase in average daily gain. Also, to me the hard part in the past was getting clients to bring the cattle up in June to deworm. It’s much more convenient now with a product like LONGRANGE; we can go back to deworming at turnout in April or May and get season-long control.”

Charles Sweiger, Cattle producer – Weatherby, Missouri —

“We are really sold on LONGRANGE. We felt like it was money well-spent. The advantage we saw was the extra pounds on the calves, which we attribute to effective parasite control. At $2 a pound that adds up, and it’s worth it because I know it’s going to pay.”

Rick Reid, DVM, Reid Veterinary Clinic – Nowata, Oklahoma —

“Anytime you can have a product that can help break the parasite life cycle you are actually given an opportunity to clean up your pasture because all those infected larvae that the cattle ingest are killed and they never have the opportunity to turn into egg laying adults.”

“In the past, to get the same longevity that LONGRANGE has, you would have had to run cattle through the chute at least three or four times. That’s just too labor-intensive; there is too much opportunity for animals to get hurt, and it’s too hard to do that. This product is going to be a game-changer for me.”

Gene Stokes, Cattle producer — Crockett, Texas

“It is costing us about a $1 a pound to put weight on the cattle, and through parasite control with LONGRANGE, it is costing us about a penny to maintain it, so it was well worth the investment per pound.”

“One of the most exciting things about LONGRANGE is it is making our business better. At the end of the day, we are only as successful as our herd is healthy and parasite control with LONGRANGE helps provide that cleaner, slicker-looking cow.”

Dave Dal Porto, Cattle producer — Oakley, California

“The biggest thing about LONGRANGE that we have been impressed with and the main reason we are using it is we can use parasite control on these cows one time in the late spring and the parasite control seemed to last all throughout the entire season, and we didn’t have to bring those cows back in and handle them again and we noticed increased weight gain.”